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logo_design_by_electronics15.comThank you for your interest in logo design. You are important to us and we are ready to do any kind of logo design for you. Probably, we are one of the best and most economic logo designer through internet.

Our Graphic Artist is Archana Sarkar, an Adobe Illustrator expert with 14 years of design experience. She is an original designer and hates plagiarism. She will create a Logo from your idea, business plan which will truly establish your brand identity. Your brand will come live through the created logo by Archana Sarkar. Click Archana Sarkar to know more about the designer. We design Logo only through Adobe Illustrator.

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We are qualified, dedicated and trusted logo designer of repute. The logo designed  by us will be your sole property and we will never sell or disclose any technical / commercial or any relevant details of the logo to anyone. If necessary, we will enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you immediately after the deal is finalized.

Our primary interest is to accept challenging logo design which requires a lot of experience. We are in the market with more than 3 decades of experience.  

We are professional and creative logo designer with a definite moral value and believe that customer satisfaction is more important than making money.

Before you decide to hire our services, please visit our “Logo Design Library” page to get a hands on idea about our design capability.

Logo Design is a serious matter and requires competent handling and equal participation from both the employer and freelancer.

Before we ask you to fill the “Expression of interest (logo design) data sheet”, please read the FAQ noted below. After reading FAQ, if you find interest in hiring our services, please fill the “Expression of interest (logo design) data sheet” in the format given at the end of this page and we’ll do the rest to design your logo.



We follow a methodical and time-bound system while designing a logo as noted below:

Step-1: Our job starts immediately on receipt of your “Expression of interest (logo design) Data Sheet”. We will study your concept of the logo with details for which you are interested to build a marketable brand. We’ll clarify all doubts through email or direct chat with you.

If we are confident that the logo required by you can be created by us, we will ask you to deposit a token amount of $10.00 to cover the basic preparatory fees. However, this amount will be adjusted with the advance to be received by us along with the final order or we will return this amount if the deal is not finalized due to any reason. We are highly transparent in business deal.

Step-2: We will prepare a   Mock-up Logo  and mail it to you along with price for your approval.

Step-3: You have to study the  Mock-up Logo  and clear all doubts in consultation with us through email or chat service. Our communication system is transparent and fast. Once you approve the Mock-up Logo, you have to place a firm and irrevocable order along with full payment..

Step-4:  Logo design will finish on time. We’ll follow the time schedule strictly.

Q2. Can I get an idea about the cost of logo?

This is not possible. Each logo is unique and the cost widely varies with respect to concept and application.

Q3. What is your payment system?

We have two alternative payment systems. Both the systems are transparent and trustworthy.

PayPal  and Bank Transfer

 Q4. When can I chat with you?

Ans: Our Live Chat service is open from 7PM – 10PM (IST).Mon-Sat.

Q5. Will you sign a NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) before executing an order?

Yes, we will enter into a Non-disclosure agreement with you immediately on receipt of your order with advance. We assure you that we will never disclose your name to anybody, and not even in the testimonial section.

Q6. Will you refund the money in case of unfinished or any below standard job execution?

Yes.  Your money will be paid back at any stage of the Project on demand and without any question. We do not enter into any argument with our customers.

Q7. Will you transfer all Proprietary Rights and all Proprietary Information after execution of the Project?

Yes. We build electronics prototypes for the OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and after the Prototype is complete, it is the property of the employer. We’ll transfer our Property Rights and all Proprietary Information that may be protected under law which may refer the data belonging to us, and may include financial information, intellectual property (concepts, designs, techniques), technical documentation, artwork, and the like.

Q8. What is your after sales service?

We will extend a One Year Warranty against the logo designed by us and you can ask for any minor modifications in the logo free of cost.

Please fill the form below; we will get in touch with you in 1-2 business days.

Expression of interest (LOGO DESIGN) Data Sheet:

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