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The accurate solution to automate your manufacturing process doesn’t just materialize. You need an expert to do it for you.



Industrial Automation solutions:

Consulting and Execution by Sonu Perito, B.Tech (Hons)

Even highly advanced equipments may fail to improve your plant operation, if it’s not correctly integrated with your process operations. You will need the help of an expert to automate your plant operations.

Electronics15 Line of attack:

We will improve the performance, productivity and efficiency of your process control systems by designing, implementing and improving sensor based automation systems, line-of-manufacturing applications and workflow processes.  Our huge experience will reduce your project cost, reduce execution timeline. We are highly realistic and do our jobs on time. Just hire our services and see the difference.

Each project typically includes the following phases:

  • Requires correct analysis and appraisal
  • Process control system design
  • System planning and Scope of Work
  • Project Blueprint
  • Erection, commissioning and testing
  • Training and documentation

Electronics15 supplements your manufacturing department with resources to manage your plant automation alongside your staff.  We’ll integrate flawlessly into your manufacturing process, help you produce quality products and achieve production target.

Process and Technology:


We follow a project design method based on industry best-practices and  experience.


During our analysis and assessment phase of system consultation, we determine which technologies and solutions will make your project a success. We make hardware and software recommendations to control your existing systems, meet your budget and fulfil the business and operational requirements of your company. While we have strong partnerships with numerous industry-leading manufacturers, we are an independent systems integrator and make the best recommendations based on your requirements. Your company and your project’s best interests are our guiding principles during making any technology recommendations.

Equipment alone is not enough:

As a complete systems integrator, we are committed to the complete success of your Automation project.  With experience across multiple industries and with companies of all sizes, We will provide incomparable solutions, service and support.

We understand you have many choices and decisions when implementing a complex system integration project, and we would be privileged to serve as your trusted innovative partner.

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