contract manufacturing

Electronics15 is an experienced service provider in contract manufacturing of SMD (Surface Mount Device) assembly to PTH (Plated Through Hole) assembly for a single prototype PCB assembly to low volume production quantities for the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). This will speed up time to market finished product by the OEM.

We can also procure the required components and do stuffing small quantity of circuit board for your prototype development. Our “Contract Manufacturing” experience will be useful in procuring latest electronic components from around the world.

This is a quick-turn service for high complexity and advanced pcb assembly and also systems manufacturing to meet the dynamic business requirement of OEM’s. We will sign a ‘Non-disclosure Agreement” with you soon after the deal is finalized.

If you are looking for a PCB assembly vendor, please invest a little time to fill the form below with the required technical data. We will come back to you with a concrete proposal with 1-2 working days.