Automatic Voice Announcer

Automatic Voice Announcer

The global spread of science and technology and the growing commercial access to advanced technologies with possible applications in all fields are creating equipment and gadgets helpful to humans to make life easier and safer. To assist in performing this task, engineers are designing electronic products which are both commercially and socially important. One such product is automatic voice announcer.

We are more comfortable in listening than reading or writing. The effectiveness and popularity of voice announcers in elevators / lifts, precautionary announcements to prevent dangerous practices in industries, helpful location announcements in large scale trade fairs, trains and airports and other innovative announcements are giving birth to advanced Automatic Voice Announcers.

What is an Automatic Voice Announcing System?

Voice Announcer is an audible indicator. The audible signal is pre-recorded which plays automatically when the respective channel is triggered. The triggering actions are pre-programmed and controlled through a micro-processor. The triggering can be done through sensors, digitally controlled touch panels, mobile phones or signals through computer controlled interfaces. The strength of audible signal depends on the particular applications and has to be 10 dBA to 80 dBA depending on the particular application.

What is dBA?

A-weighted decibel, abbreviated dBA, or dBa, or dB(a), are an expression of the relative loudness of sounds in air perceived by the human ear. In the   A-weighted system, the decibel values of sounds at low frequencies are reduced compared with weighted decibels, in which no correction is made for audio frequency.

Fig-1 below is a standard Voice Announcer Card:


Fig -1

The announcement words will depend on the particular use of the Voice Announcer. Like an elevator voice announcer will announce the name or the number of the current floor with a human voice for the passengers inside the car or cabin. It also announces safety matters and evacuation techniques in case of emergency. It also plays sweet background music while the lift is travelling.

Here is an example of elevator voice pre-recorded messages:

  1. Attention please! You have reached Ground Floor.
  2. Do not be alarmed. This car is needed for a medical emergency. When the door opens, please exit in a safe and orderly manner.
  3. Do not be alarmed. This car is transferring to emergency power. When the door opens, please exit in a safe and orderly manner.
  4. Do not be alarmed. This car is now in fire fighters return service. When the door opens, please exit in a safe and orderly manner.
  5. Please exit the car.
  6. This car is full.
  7. Please allow the door to close (nudging)
  8. This lift is g When the door opens, please exit in a safe and orderly manner.
  9. This lift is going down.
  10. This lift is going up.

Elevator Voice Announcer keeps riders moving in right direction and cautions the riders with emergency messages and evacuation directions during fire, earthquakes or any other natural disasters.

Technicalities of a Voice Announcer:

We will refer to Fig-2 – Voice Announcer Block Diagram:

Atypical Block Diagram of Voice Announcing System

Atypical Block Diagram of Voice Announcing System

A standard voice announcer card (refer to fig-1 & 2) is composed of Opto-coupler, a micro-processor controlled voice processor, programmable flash or OTP (one time programmable) memory chip, and an audio amplifier with loud speaker.

Signals either in digital form or switching signals are generated at the application centers like Elevators, Home Automation Equipment, Bus & Bus Terminus Announcement equipment, Airports & Airlines Announcing Equipment, Bullet Train Announcing equipment and many other application centers. These signals are isolated through Opto-coupler before it is received by the micro-controller based voice processor. The voice processor receives pre-recorded signals either from Flash programmable chip or from OTP – one time programmable chip in analog signal form.

These analog signals are amplified by an Analog Amplifier and played back through the Loudspeaker for pre-planned announcements.

Sonu Perito is an expert in Voice Announcer Systems. He is a professional designer of Voice Announcers for different application.

Anyone interested to know more about Voice Announcers or wants to manufacture Voice Announcers, please click “contact us”.

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