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Exclusive electronic design services   through Internet.

“Take your ideas from concept to marketable products”

– An IIT-KGP Venture! Electronics15.com is a dedicated design service venture in  Logo Design, Graphics Design, PowerPoint presentations, YouTube Design, Video Making, PCB design and eBooks design and writing services. 

We are qualified and professional Design Engineer. We have more than 30 years of experience in electronics design and pcb design in India and USA backed by a degree in Electronics and communication engineering from the premier engineering college, IIT, Kharagpur, India.

We offer the following design engineer expert services only through internet. Please click the relevant service images or “learn more” to know more and avail our expert electronic design services.


pcb design_electronics15.com Electronics15 is dedicated to design high-performance schematics and printed circuit boards up to 14 layers using “knowledge based” techniques and integrating latest electronic components.

We will do printed circuit board design from start to finish including schematic capture, library development, data base creation and verification. We can also manufacture and do component stuffing small quantity of circuit board for your prototype development. Our “Contract Manufacturing” experience will be useful in procuring latest electronic components from around the world.

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electronics consulting_automation systems design_by_electronics15.com Electronics engineering design help when you need it.

Is your work load more than handling capacity?

 Or you need help in solving some electronics design problem?

or you have to automate partly or fully your manufacturing process?

We at electronics15.com can help you!

We are experts in “Automation Systems Design” ….

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electronic_product_design_by_electronics15.com  We are highly experienced in electronic product design. We will accept any assignments within our scope of expertise. Probably, we are one of the best and most economic service providers through internet.

Electronics15 is the brainchild of an expert design engineer – Ex-IIT’an Sonu Perito. We build electronic product for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and transfers complete manufacturing details so that the manufacturer can produce marketable products of its own.

We are qualified, dedicated and trusted electronic design engineer of repute. The product developed by us will be your sole property and we will never sell or disclose any technical / commercial or any relevant details of the electronic products to anyone. We will enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you immediately after the deal is finalized.

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electronics_contract_manufacturing_by_electronics15.com Outsource your pcb loading jobs to electronics15.com

We do quality pcb loading as per International Standard.

Is your work load more than handling capacity? 

Or you have you need help in solving electronics manufacturing problem?

We at electronics15.com can help you!

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We accept challenges in electronic design and achieve success by dedication and hard work embedded by error-free and time bound service to the electronic industries around the world. Hire our design engineer services and you’ll see the difference in your product design.